The History

The Bracy House was built in 1890 by Horace H. Bracy for his wife, Sarah. Their family of two girls and one boy grew up in the house and—as a result—the house underwent a number of additions to accommodate the family. Their only son, Horace G. Bracy, lived his entire life in the house and raised his own family within its walls. Mr. Bracy lived in the house until the age of 95 and modifications were made to create bedrooms on the first floor to aid him in his later years and a separate apartment was created upstairs. Mr. Bracy passed away in 2014 and the family decided to part with the house. And in stepped an architect and a felt company founder.

The Beginning

We purchased the house in December of 2015 and may not have realized all that we were getting ourselves into. Much of the house had been left untouched but a series of renovations in the 1960s modernized parts but it wasn't quite what we had in mind.


The Renovations

We appreciate the home’s history and removed the vinyl siding to reveal early wood clapboards and shingles. Also a chimney (with a 1960s mantle) came down, wood paneling and cabinets (also from the 1960s renovation) were stripped, and all the carpet removed to reveal wood floors in four species and two plank widths. The original porch was also opened up (in spite of the Maine mosquitoes.) The space became a bit more contemporary to accommodate modern lifestyles and current technologies. However, the eclectic wood floors remain and have been infilled rather than replaced. The house's patchwork floors (as well as its name) are a testament to its history and many modifications. Plus, finds along the way still remain in the house. These include a handful of glass bottles we found in the backyard and enamel pots that were salvaged from an old shed.