Maine Beaches

Though Maine has a beautiful rocky coast, it also has some gorgeous sandy beaches. Cape Neddick Beach is one of our favorites. This little beach just three miles down the road is next to a kitchy campground and its tidal pools are full of crabs and sea snails at low tide.

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A Path Through the Woods

While the inside of The Bracy Cottage is a still a work-in-progress, we got the landscaping squared away so that our guests in the house have something lovely to look out onto. We planted a number of white pines to replace the 200-year-old one we had to take down last fall and added lots of native ground cover. Also, we chose natural stepping stones for the front walk (so you don’t forget that you’re in the Maine woods.) We’re so thrilled with how it came and can’t wait to see it fill in.

We're Almost There!

Lots has happened this Spring and we’ve sadly neglected this blog but the cottage is taking shape! The SIPS pre-fabricated panels went up, the gorgeous Kolbe windows went it, the concrete slab with radiant heating is complete, drywall is in process, and tiling is happening as we type. This tiny house has turned out better than we could have imagined and will be a great addition to the property. The plan for this property when we purchased in 2016 was always to rehab or replace all the dilapidated buildings and this will get us two-thirds there!

Summer Calendar is Open!

We just opened our summer calendar! Choose from three rental options… The Downstairs, The Upstairs, or rent the entire four-bed, four-bath house. Located along the Maine coast, we’re close to the Southern Maine beaches, Portsmouth and Portland with their quaint shops and award-winning culinary scene, hiking and outdoor activities, or just cozy up in the house that includes a patio and large backyard. Book now to get your relax on at The Bracy House.

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