Summer Calendar is Open!

We just opened our summer calendar! Choose from three rental options… The Downstairs, The Upstairs, or rent the entire four-bed, four-bath house. Located along the Maine coast, we’re close to the Southern Maine beaches, Portsmouth and Portland with their quaint shops and award-winning culinary scene, hiking and outdoor activities, or just cozy up in the house that includes a patio and large backyard. Book now to get your relax on at The Bracy House.

The Downstairs.jpg

Thanksgiving at The Bracy House

We have typically rented The Bracy House year-round (though this year we’ve closed it down to complete the construction of the cottage) but we have always reserved Thanksgiving week for ourselves. Though this house was bought and renovated with the intention of it being a vacation rental, we consider it our home in so many ways and look forward to hosting our family within its walls every November. This year, we had friends as well as family (11 adults and 3 kids, in total) and received an absolutely beautiful snow that made the week extra cozy!

Staking Out a New Cottage

We spent the better part of Sunday staking out the new cottage. After days of rain, it was a dirty job but it was pretty exciting to stand in what would become the rooms in our lovely little contemporary cottage. And like everything we do at The Bracy House, we had some finds including a couple old croquet mallets that were made in London. Next up, we dig a big hole!

And so it Begins

For those of you who have hung around us for a while, you know that we’ve been hankering to replace the ruins on our property we affectionately refer to as “the cottage”. Last March, we were all set to squeeze it in before our rental season but our contractor had different ideas. So fast forward seven months and we have a new contractor and a new start date this week. It’s exciting and scary all at the same time. But the plan for this property has always been to replace and/or renovate all the existing buildings and the cottage is up to bat! Stayed tuned as we start another chapter of The Bracy House…